Friday, February 5, 2010

Juggling Cats

I call these “Juggling Cats” because they are just the right size to do that. However, if you are not into juggling, add catnip to the stuffing and give it to your cat to juggle. Or, add a cord and hang them to make people smile. Make them into ornaments, a keychain, a zipper pull...

You need:
Lily Sugar and Cream in colors of your choice.
“G” crochet hook
Polyfiber stuffing
Optional craft eyes (6 mm)
Yarn needle

Using white yarn color for face:
Make magic ring*, ch 1
Round 1: sc 6 into a magic ring, pull tight.
Round 2: sc 2 into each sc around (12 sc)

Change to yarn color for body:
Round 3: (sc 1 into next sc, then sc 2 into next), around (18 sc)
Round 4: (sc 1 into next 2 sc, then sc 2 into next) around (24 sc)
Rounds 5 to 9: sc around (24 sc)

If you are using plastic safety eyes, place them now.
Round 10: (sc 1 into next 2 sc, sc2tog) around (18)
Round 11 (sc 1 into next sc, sc2tog) around (12 sc)
Stuff with polyfiber.

Round 12: (sc2tog) around (6 sc)
Join with sl st to next st. Fasten off, pull tight to close and hide yarn end.

Ear - (make 2):
Make magic ring, ch 1
Round 1: 4 sc in magic ring (4 st)
Round 2: (sc 1 into next sc, sc 2 into next sc) twice (6 st)
Round 3: (sc 1 into next sc, sc 2 into next sc) three times (9 st)
Join with sl st to next st. Fasten off, leaving long end of yarn.

Ch 12
2 Sc into 2nd ch from hook, 2 sc into each ch until end
Fasten off, leaving long end of yarn.


Sew ears on top of face. Sew tail on back of body. Embroider some whiskers…and play!

* Don't know how to make a magic ring? Do a search on YouTube to see a demo...


Morgan said...

They're super cute!!! I'm gonna make a few right now... thanks for sharing!!!

inkberryblue said...

You design such sweet amigurumi! =)

Debbie said...

Hi, I saw your pattern over at Ravelry and I have 2 cats that I think will like these....they can carry yarn versions of themselves around the house. Then I can keep a few for myself, juggling these kinds of cats may be easier than herding cats right? Thank you.

joanieponytail said...

These are so cute and such a clever idea. This will definitely get me to take another stab a juggling.

missiemom0231 said...

My ears are round...what did I do wrong? Beautiful work!

Nancy R said...

We have round ears too- any tips?

Unknown said...

My ears are round as well, that's just the pattern. I recommend using a hook to pull up a few stitches near the top for a point. Adorable pattern though :) I finally found the gift for a friend who has everything.

Judy Garcia said...

Great pattern, thanks so much for sharing. Just made one for my daughter and it turned out perfect!
You did a great job writing the pattern, and ps, my ears are pointed!!!

HamsterChief said...

When i make the magic circle and pull it tight its a half circle.Do i turn my work or do i crochet over the gap? I really wanna make these for a friend :)

psjboo said...

I didn't use a magic ring. I chained 3 slip stitched to join ans started there with her pattern and it came out just fine. Hope that helps someone a wee bit. Adorable pattern!! Thanks for sharing!

HamsterChief said...

My ears turn out like elephant ears...the last increase makes the left side stick out far...any tips?

Sunni said...

For people who want to make the ears a bit more pointy, I tried adding a single chain in the middle of the third row of the ears like this:
Round 3: sc 1 into next sc, sc 2 into next sc, sc 1 into next 2 sc, chain one, sc 1 more into the same sc as previous sc, 1 sc into next sc, sc 2 into next sc.
This made them a bit more pointy ^^ I hope that helps.

Unknown said...

Super cute pattern! I'm going to make some later today. And you're right, the world would be a better place if everyone had a garden!

Danielle L. Branch said...

Thanks for a cute, easy, quick kitty. I needed one for my son's school project.

Haakpatronen4free said...

Hello, i have a question.
May i translate your free patterns, for my own website for (free) dutch patterns.

Ofcourse i link to your originel patterns.

Greetings Patricia