Sunday, September 21, 2008

Favorite Tomatoes of 2008

I could kick myself for not taking photos during the peak of season. These are end of season tomatoes, clockwise from top: Kellogg's Breakfast, Aunt Ruby's German, Big Beef, Carbon

I've been trying out new varieties in the garden each year trying to hone in on my favorites, and so far, here is the hit list. These are the tomatoes I'll definitely grow next year, chosen based on flavor:

1. Big Beef (Park Seed) I grew these tomatoes in different plots with different soils, and compared to other tomatoes, it preformed the best. The tomatoes are a rich red, the skin has a beautiful complexion and the meat is juicy and flavorful. Very good yield.

2. Carbon (Tomatofest) - This is a pretty dark red/purple tomato with dark green on the top. The flavor is rich and complex.

3. Aunt Ruby's German (Tomatofest) - The color of this tomato is dark yellow/green, and inside bright green. Very unusual. The flavor is spicy and rich.

4. Kellogg's Breakfast (Tomatofest) - A huge, bright yellow beefsteak tomato. Juicy and sweet. A meal in itself.

Other varieties I grew this year: Stupice, Paul Robeson, Clint Eastwood Rowdy Red, Brandywine OTV, Rutgers, Pomodoro, Black Cherry, Black Crim, Black Prince, Lime Green Salad, Eva Purple Bell, Japanese Black Trifele, Slava, Beefsteak, Ruth's Perfect, Aussie and Subarctic (in progress).

The cherry tomatoes I grew: Sungold, Sunsweet, Supersweet 100, Red Currant, Isis Cherry, Hawaiian Currant, Blondkopf Cherry, Honeybunch.

Of the cherries, I liked Sungold, Red Currant, Supersweet 100, Honeybunch and Isis Cherry.

I'll post later about how I grow tomatoes.

I always look forward to a tomato sandwich for lunch after working in the fields. I take my pick of the day from my tomato harvest, slice it up and eat it on toasted sheepherders or sourdough bread with a slice of provolone, some mayo and mustard. Good eating.

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