Friday, September 19, 2008

Three best crops of summer 2008

There are 3 things growing on the farm this summer that I am very happy about. I can't wait for next year to grow them again:

1. Ambrosia Melon - WOW. People who tried it said "Amazing". The foliage grew like crazy, the yield, prolific, and the melons were big, sweet and juicy. The seed came from Thompson and Morgan.

2. Big Beef Tomato - Want a perfect looking, juicy, flavorful tomato on a disease resistant plant? Think Big Beef. It's now my absolute favorite tomato. Oh, and high yields. What's there to complain about? Seeds were from Park Seed.

3. Rattlesnake Pole Beans - A friend of mine gave me these seeds and he got it from another friend. They are the BEST pole beans I've ever had and my mouth is watering just thinking about them. I'm not even sure I've got the name right. I did a search on the internet and the Rattlesnake Pole Bean was the closest match. These green pole beans have a purple marking when fresh, but turn all green when cooked. They are tender and soooooo delicious. I boil them and serve them with a dressing of mayo and a dash of soy sauce. Because of their coloring, they are easy to see when you harvest, and also, they pull right off the vine with one hand. I can't wait for next year to start a new crop. Check this link for a picture of the bean.

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