Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Ryder" comes to visit

A gift for a friend

What does a farmer do after the sun goes down? Well, some go square dancing at a hoe down, or play the fiddle, but I've been spending my time working on some crochet projects. Right now, I'm making up some gifts for some friends, but I plan on creating a family of farm friends and other surprises...

So, meet Ryder the dog. Ryder came to visit the other day and I found him sitting in my nursery, right in the middle of some lettuce seedlings. He looked a bit guilty knowing he was smashing down some of my baby lettuces, but I can't really get mad since he is a gift for my dear friend Harriet. Harriet has done a ton for me over the years and I finally have something to show her some appreciation. She is an animal lover like me and Ryder is a long time companion.

Yikes, there's a dog in my nursery!

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