Friday, October 24, 2008

Three Dog Night

We've been having crazy weather around here. It's been hot, then cold in the same week, and then the pattern continues week after week. Right now, the Santa Anas are blowing through making it hot and dry which makes eyes ichy and skin start cracking. It's late October and today it was in the 90's.

Meanwhile, I've been busy crocheting my friend's 3 dogs; Hana, Kiku and Kanoa. Hana and Kiku are German Shephard Chow mix and I'm not sure about Kanoa.

I made these puppies up as I went along. It's kind of fun to adlib and feel like you can crochet anything. Crochet really has some usefulness and I can see how it would really come in handy in an emergency. For instance, say you are stranded on an island, as in the movie "Castaway". If you know how to crochet, you can make everything you need if you can find some appropriate fiber. You can make socks, shoes, slippers, clothing, baskets, rope, even a raft. Why not?

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~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

Them are adorable the middle one kinda looks like my dog Zeus :)